Powerscreen New England


Hopper feeders

  • Eliminate / reduce double handling of material from Wheel loaders
  • Complete range of mobility and sizes available for a range of applications
  • Allows for a controlled feed to Telestack equipment directly from wheel loaders and grabs
  • Tracked, wheeled and skid moumted units available
  • Fully mobile independent unit

The mobile hopper feeder range allows the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders/ grab cranes to eliminate the double handling of material on site. The fully mobile units are used to allow for a ‘controlled’ feed of material into other Telestack equipment or auxiliary units.


  • Can feed the complete range of Telestack equipment as well as other auxiliary equipment
  • Multi-function Units – Same Units for Shiploading and Unloading projects
  • Ability to handle complete range of materials such as Coal, Grains, Fertilisers, Ore’s (Iron, copper, gold, bauxite), Aggregates, Woodchips, wood pellets, sulphur, cement clinker and many more....
  • Can be easily fed from Wheel loaders, grab cranes and auxiliary conveyor systems
  • Fully customized to meet the needs of the application

Features & Benefits:

  • Range of designs and hopper capacities depending on feeding equipment and production rates on site.
  • Mobility means Flexibility - Complete on-site mobility including tracks (rubber tracks), wheels and rail mounted to suit all ground conditions
  • Complete Dust Suppression options for handling range of materials
  • Loading rates up to 2,000TPH (Depending on feeding equipment)
  • Range of mobile hoppers / direct feed conveyor for all applications
  • Typically lower capital investment than fixed conveyor systems
  • Reduced civil requirements on site


  • Up to 20m3 hopper capacities for all types of wheels loader and loading rates
  • Integrated generators for fully independent units
  • Range of discharge conveyors (Cambered boom, fixed length, telescopic)
  • Dust Suppression Measures – Galvanised / Canvas Dust covers, 360 degree trimmer chutes, Rubber ‘sock’ chutes, water suppression and many more.
  • Sealing of all transfer points including side plates and under-trays
  • 250 micron Specification paint finish


Telestack Hopper feeders Telestack Hopper feeders Telestack Hopper feeders Telestack Hopper feeders