Edge Feeder Mobile Stacker

The EDGE FMS mobile hopper feeder is designed for operators who either require a controlled flow of material output or need to feed directly using an excavator or wheel loader

• Construction + demolition waste (C+D)
• Sand + gravel
• Compost
• Topsoil
• Wood waste
• Mulch
• Aggregates
• Coal
• Food products

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1. Can accept loads directly from excavator, wheel loader, crushers or screener.
2. Eliminates the need for double handling of material, reducing labour and maintenance costs.
3. Impressive stockpiling rates from 100 -1000+ tonnes per hour.
4. Variable speed belt feeder to ensure efficient material transfer from hopper to discharge con-veyor.
5. Improved material quality by reduced compaction, degradation, segregation and contamination.
6. Various hopper options depending on operators loading method or application.
7. Discharge heights of up to 10.3m (33’11”)
8. Conical stockpile capacity of up to 1780m³ (2328 yds³)
9. Hydraulic folding head section for quick and efficient transportation.
10. Rapid on site set-up time.