Edge Radial Track Stockpiler

The RTS-Series has packaged all the advantages of a mobile radial stockpiler and that of a tracked stockpiler into one product.

• Construction + demolition waste (C+D)
• Sand + gravel
• Compost
• Topsoil
• Wood waste
• Mulch
• Scrap metal
• Aggregates
• Coal
• Food products

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1. Can be continually fed by any Primary / Secondary Crusher or Screener
2. Can reduce fuel, maintenance and labour costs by up to 80%
3. Eliminate double handling of material with wheel loader
4. Fully tracked for on-site mobility
5. Impressive stockpiling rates from 100 -1000+ Tonnes per Hour
6. Discharge heights up to 13.9m (42’7”)
7. Huge 360° windrow stockpiling capacity
8. Fully mobile independent unit
9. Environmental benefits – reduced dust, emissions and noise
10. Transports easily via low loader or packed in container for shipping