Edge Slayer XL

The Slayer XL provides superb fuel economy with the lowest running and maintenance waste shredder on the market. Choose between track, mobile, hooklift and static chassis formats.

• All types of wood (railway sleepers, pallets)
• C & D (construction & demolition)
• Green waste (including grass, trees, stumps)
• Domestic and household waste
• Commercial and industrial waste
• White household goods
• Paper and cardboard (including paper rolls)
• Mattresses
• All plastics (including wind turbine blades)

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1. Shredder area of1.96m x 2m (6’5” x 6’6”) and hopper capacity of 3.5m³ (4.6yards³)
2. Intelligent self-protecting control system.
3. Lowest maintenance cost grinder on the market.
4. On-board load sensing diagnostics.
5. Improved fuel efficiency with eco-power saving functionality.
6. Low power consumption:25-30ltr/hr (7-8 USG)
7. Intricate piece sizing in just one pass available with the new Slayer Basket System.
8. 1400mm (55”) wide discharge conveyor providing a discharge height of 5.1m (16’9”).
9. Full radio remote control functionality.
10. Automatic tipping hopper