TEREX® Washing Plants: FINESMASTER – FM Compact

FM 60 C / FM 120C / FM 120 2G / FM 200 C
The Terex ® FM UltraFines™ is a crucial step in efficient management and recovery of ultrafines sand from waste water streams, produced from washing processes. This ultra-fines recovery unit can process up to 450m3 per hour of slurry recovering material as low as 40 micron, thus reducing the volume of solids reporting to storage ponds or water treatment plants. Bringing together a centrifugal pump, a cluster of 4 hydro cyclones and a high frequency dewatering screen on one chassis. The FM UltraFines™ also boasts a uniquely designed conical tank and anti-turbulence system, which is essential in the process of ultra-fines recovery.

• Aggregates
• Recycling

• Can recover 1 or 2 grades of sand from wet feed or bolton boiler box option for direct dry feed
• Maximum recovery of saleable material through the removal of silt, slimes and clays below 75μm (200 mesh)
• Robust easy to assemble steel construction complete with
galvanized walkway & handrails provide easy access
• Low maintenance & simple operation with self regulating
cyclone tank
• Pumps & cyclones have replaceable rubber liners for
extended wear life
• High frequency dewatering screen reduces residual water
content in your final product to 10–15%
• All electric plant pre-wired to control panel or isolators to
integrate with other equipment