AQUACLEAR Water treatment and management solutions

Whichever material you wash you will need water. With Terex Washing Systems you need less. We start by designing our equipment to ensure that unnecessary losses through spillage and leaks is eliminated. Then we optimize processes to ensure that water is internally recycled and reused wherever possible. A good example would be the ground sumps that we often use to capture and reuse rain plant wash down and rain water.

Terex Washing Systems offers a complete tailored solution for water treatment and management, including a full range of filter presses, flocculent dosing systems and thickening tanks. Combined this equipment can remove the need for settling ponds.

It is critical that systems are selected appropriate to your specific materials, as requirements can be refined according to your specific needs. This includes qualified sampling and testing to ensure complete peace of mind for performance and the ability to handle inevitable feed variations.

Intelligent automation is common throughout our equipment range and this is particularly relevant to water management systems. The majority of our systems include fully automated control and adjustment of the flocculent dose, according to the amount of suspended solids and settlement time required. This ensures maximum performance even with highly variable feed materials such as recycled sources and eliminates any risk of over-dosage.

Our wide choice of thickener models and formats ensures you are offered the best solution for your individual needs, all with low operational cost and maximum dewatering in mind. Following the thickener you have a choice of filter presses, again depending upon your individual material characteristics and performance needs.

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Filter presses are based on a simple and ancient principle invented by the Romans to press olives and grapes. Today’s technology makes it an essential tool for many industries. Terex Washing Systems filter presses use high pressure pumps in order to squeeze water out of the sludge, recovering up to 95% of the water. Remaining solids are pressed into dry slabs, ‘filter cakes’, which can be easily handled; ready for reuse or disposal. Filter presses are the ideal complement to wash-plants operating in the aggregates, mining and recycling industries.

Features & Benefits

• 100% Fully Automatic
• High pressure pumps to filter sludge
• Produces extremely dry cake
• Utilizing only highest quality components
• Up to 95% recovery of water
• Up to 80% reduction in silt handling and transport costs


Terex Washing Systems offers a range of Thickener sizes and types to suit a variety of materials and applications. The TWS Applications team balance the client’s needs in terms of material type and slurry volume, desired sludge characteristics in order to propose the best thickener for each project.


Deep cone thickeners are based on static decantation principles allowing for minimal footprint and virtually no moving parts. The deep cone and cylinder section imparts a greater pressure head on the settled slurry thus producing a higher percentage solids content than that of a standard rake thickener

Features & Benefits

• Produces thick mud at 50% solids
• Reduced cost for concrete basement
• Extra stock for mud
• Extremely low operating cost
• Non-moving parts
• No extraction pump required
• Low maintenance costs
• Combined thickening and clarification


TWS also offers a range of rake style, high rate thickeners which allow for minimal feed height, facilitating gravity feed from upstream cyclone based washing systems. Rake thickeners are designed specifically to deal with high volumes of slurry. The integral scrapers aid transportation of material from the outskirts of the tank to the outlet, thus accelerating the removal of sludge from the thickener.

Features & Benefits

• Produces sludge with 30 - 40% solids content
• Lower level feed in height
• Can handle high volumes of slurry
• Extra stock for slurry
• Combined thickening and clarification


TWS flocculent dosing systems control the amount of chemical flocculent required to achieve the most rapid settling times within the thickener tank. The automatic dosing system enables the unit to adjust the flocculent dosage dependent on the feed material and solids content, thus reducing wastage and ensuring the correct dose is added continually.

Features & Benefits

• Automatic dosing system
• Stainless steel construction
• Dry or emulsion based polymer system
• Reduced flocculent consumption by up to 30%